Admission Process
To begin the application process at AISC, families should fill in the online OPEN APPLY Application for Admissions. All families are encouraged to make an appointment for a face to face visit and tour of our school. If you would like your child to spend a day at AISC, we can arrange for a one-day visit (provided the visit does not take place in the last 9 weeks of the school year).

For admissions, you will be required to submit the following academic documents on our online OPEN APPLY application:

1. Report cards for the past 3 years - required for all applicants; Transcripts are required for High School Students

2.  All available Standardized Test Results

3. Psycho-educational assessments, if applicable

4. All other reports if the child has been diagnosed with learning or emotional difficulties

5. Other information is required such as a recent passport style photograph, passport copy, birth certificate copy, medical reports stating the applicant can participate in all activities including PE, and an updated vaccination certificate, etc.  If there is anything you would like to personally add to the application, you will have an opportunity to write your comments on the last page of the application submission.

 A Head of School/Principal Recommendation Form 
AISC requires a Recommendation Form completed by a member of the leadership team from your child's current school that so that we are aware of your child's behavior and personal conduct.  We will request the form to be filled out directly on the Open Apply Application.  The link can be sent directly to the required person.

Teacher Confidential Academic Recommendation Forms for elementary and secondary students will be sent to your child’s current school for current teachers to complete. 

Assessments for Admission and/or Placement Decisions
English Language Learner (ELL) assessments are conducted at AISC for Grades 6 - 12 prior to the new school year. Please see the English Language Learner Admission Policy for more information.  For Elementary aged students, the assessments are done upon arrival or within the first month of school.  

All applicants applying for Grade 6, or higher, must complete a curriculum-based math and writing assessment as part of the application process for admission and/or placement decisions.

Please Note:
Students with any physical or educational difficulties, or special needs, will need to provide complete documentation of their academic history, psychological-educational evaluations and details of extra academic/specialist support they have had or are currently receiving. Withholding information about special needs may lead to withdrawal of the student.  

All applicants must meet in person with the Admission's Director.

 Registration Fees
A one time only non-refundable Registration Fee (EURO 500.00 per applicant)
A one time only non-refundable Assessment Fee (will be deducted from your tuition fee) (EURO 100.00 per applicant)